Advanced Pistol

Advanced Pistol

July 31, 2022 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm America/New York Timezone
Governors Gun Club Kennesaw
1005 Cobb Place Blvd NW Kennesaw Ga
$275 including lunch and associated range fees (ammo not included)
Nick Witte

Advanced Pistol

Advanced Pistol is the “next step” class to elevate the shooter to the next level. While we are reinforcing

the fundamentals of marksmanship the student will fully understand how they apply in real life encounters.

You will have the ability to self-diagnose, isolate movements. This is a high round count class and levels

of stress will be put on the student in a controlled environment.

Taught by Nick Witte, founder of Citadel Defense Group, LLC, this is a highly desired class by civilians

and law enforcement professionals all over the country. Some of the topics covered are:

– Mindset

– Fundamentals and how they apply in real life

– Drawing techniques

– Human anatomy and Terminal Ballistics

– Engagements around cover vs concealment

– One handed manipulations

– Reloads

– Malfunctions

– Multiple target engagements

– Understanding “violence of action”

– Movement

– Injured shooter

Requirements of this course:

– Open mind and no egos

– Ability to follow the number 1 rule. Have fun

– Pistol

– 5 magazines

– 250 rounds of ammunition

– Holster. NO SERPA, nylon, or Universal holsters allowed. If you have any questions contact

Governors gun club to confirm

– Quality belt

– Dress as close to “real life” as you can while maintaining basic range safety rules (I.E. closed

toed shoes, no low cut shirts, recommend a baseball hat

– Duty belts OR ccw gear is recommended

– Electronic ear pro to hear the instructor on the range. Governors has these in stock

– Eye protection (no sunglasses)

– IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit)

Prerequisites (at least one of the following):

– Active Law Enforcement

– Have attended Defensive Pistol

– Documented proof of a similar course with a reputable instructor

– Exceptions can be made on a case by case, contact the instructor

Duration of the class is 7 hours including a 1 hour lunch that will be provided. 1 hour will be classroom

work with 5 hours of range time. This is a high round count shooting class


Seasoned Instructor

Nick Witte

Nick is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. During his service, Nick became proficient in the use of several different weapon systems including small and large calibers. After leaving the Marines, Nick Spent 2 years contracting with private companies within the United states providing support to Law Enforcement agencies in California

As a 2nd amendment advocate and firearm enthusiast, Nick has gained a vast amount of knowledge regarding current weapons available on the market. Nick is able to speak intelligently (based on hands on experience) about both the pros and the cons of all firearms ranging from handguns to long guns. Currently Nick travels all over the United States teaching Civilian and Law Enforcement classes specializing in Defensive handgun use. Nick Holds several civilian and state instructor credentials including NRA Pistol Instructor, NRA CCW Instructor, NRA Shotgun Instructor and DOJ Certified Firearms Instructor.

Nothing is more important to Nick than providing up to date quality instruction to all those who seek training and making a positive impact in the firearms community in a safe and of course, fun training environment