Defensive Shotgun Skills & Drills

Defensive Shotgun Skills & Drills


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NOTE: This class is the SECOND (2nd) class in the Defensive Shotgun training series.  You MUST have successfully completed either Defensive Shotgun Fundamentals prior to taking this course.

Shotgun Fundamental Skills & Drills is designed as a Beginner-level class that will occur on the range. This 2.5-hour course will reinforce and test the students’ ability to consistently demonstrate firearm safety while handling a shotgun. Proper shooting stance, grip, aiming, trigger control, and follow-thru will be the focus of the drills performed. Drills are designed to create proper muscle memory while expanding the students’ skill & confidence level. Students will increase their ability to strike the target in a designated area while in a stationary position while performing fundamentals correctly.

Required Course Materials

  • Students will be required to provide a personal shotgun
  • 20-30 rounds of buckshot (lead)**
  • 5-10 round of slug (lead)**
  • Hearing and eye protection.
  • Minimum of 5 dummy shells
  • Note: All targets are provided as course material
  • Wear comfortable clothing, closed-toed shoes & no low-cut shirts.

**Due to limited ammunition availability, ammo counts are flexible. Firing drills will be coupled with dry practice. This will teach students how to successfully practice without ammunition, a valuable training skill.

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Sunday, January 30th at 3pm (Kennesaw)