AR-15 Builders Workshop

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AR-15 Builders Workshop

Course Overview

Our AR-15 Builders Workshop will be a hands-on experience on building an AR-15 from the ground up. This course, taught by our certified gunsmith and ATF compliance officer, will explain not only how to build the rifle but also enhance the students practical knowledge of the rifle and laws and regulations as an end user.

Students will be given the option to select one of the following configurations upon signing up for the course:

  • AR-15 Rifle chambered in 5.56 w/ 16” barrel
  • AR-15 Rifle chambered in .300 Blackout w/ 16” barrel
  • AR-15 Pistol chambered in 5.56 w/ 7.5” barrel
  • AR-15 Pistol chambered in .300 Blackout w/ 7.5” barrel

All AR-15s will be Mil-Spec and include a free-float handguard. Various upgrades will be available for purchases during the course.

Course Content:

Workshop is 7 hours to include range time to conduct a live fire function check

Lower and upper receiver build class will be taught step-by-step to allow each student enough time to learn the steps

The Gunsmith will be able to relate the relevance and importance of each step, broadening the student’s knowledge of their rifle in a practical manner

All tools and rifle components will be provided

During the course students will have the option to purchase a variety of upgrade options for their rifle.

Lunch catered by our Copper Jacket Restaurant


Governors Gun Club Kennesaw – 1005 Cobb Pl Blvd NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144