Range Rules

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Range Rules

Shoot Safe, Shoot Often!

4 Range Rules of Firearm Safety

  • Make sure you have read and understand range rules before entering range.
  • Guns should be unloaded anytime they are not being used.
  • Keep the firearm(s) unloaded until you are ready to shoot. The magazine, cylinder and chamber should be visibly clear.
  • Know how your firearm(s) operates. If unfamiliar then ask for help to learn how it operates.
  • Know your ammunition. No steel core bullets. For shotguns, only slugs and 00 Buck can be used.
  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory before entering the sally port and range area. We recommend both ear plugs and ear muffs for children.
  • Never cross the firing line and/or go downrange for any reason.
  • If there is a problem down range, summon the RSO and wait for further instructions. i.e.- dropped target, dropped ammo, magazines, or other equipment, etc.
  • Fire is limited to 3 rounds controlled bursts, with one second intervals between rounds. (2-round hammer-fire with 1 round control fire).
  • Automatic fire to be under the supervision of Range Safety Officers, with 3 round burst only.
  • Always unload firearms before changing shooters.
  • Never hand a loaded firearm to someone for any reason.
  • Align your target with the center of the range trap opening so as to not shoot low or high causing damage to the ceiling, floor, side walls or retriever system.
  • If a CEASE FIRE is called by anyone for any reason take your finger off the trigger, unload the weapon with the muzzle pointed downrange and wait for instructions from the RSO.
  • Anyone can call a CEASE FIRE. If you see anything unsafe, call the CEASE FIRE and wait for instructions from the RSO.
  • If you are pregnant you need to check with your doctor for clearance before entering the range area.
  • Whenever you prepare to leave the shooting position, firearm should be unloaded with the action open and facing up for easy visual inspection.
  • YOU are financially responsible for all damages that you cause to the range and its equipment. You will be charged for damages resulting from your shooting anything other than the backstop.
  • For the safety of our shooters, all rental guns must use factory loaded ammunition purchased from our range counter.

Remember that Governors has trained instructors that offers Private Instruction to help improve your shooting skills.