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Handgun 1 –
Intro & Basics

This is a beginner’s level Handgun course aimed at teaching new or less experienced shooters how to safely and correctly operate their Handgun. In this course students will learn in a classroom environment.

Intro to Concealed Carry

This is a lecture based course designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of carrying a concealed firearm in the state of Georgia. This course is structured as a four hour classroom lecture followed by one hour of live-fire on the range.

Handgun Skills & Drills – Fundamentals

This is a 2 hour mini class that reviews and refines the skills that students learned in the previous class Handgun 1 – Intro & Basics.

Handgun 2 – Intermediate at Kennesaw

This is the 2nd level course geared for a handgun shooter to take their handgun manipulation skills to the next level. In this course students will learn new skills to more effectively use their handgun. Students will learn these skills in a classroom environment and demonstrate these skills on a live fire range.

Defensive Shotgun – Intro & Basics

In this class, students will learn firearm safety, the responsibilities of a firearm owner and the fundamentals of shooting of a Defensive Shotgun

AR-15 – Intro & Basics

In this class, students will learn firearm safety, the responsibilities of a firearm owner and the fundamentals of shooting of an AR-15.

Handgun Cleaning

Maintenance of your firearm is an important responsiblity. This course will cover how to properly clean your Handgun.

AR-15 Builders Workshop

Our AR-15 Builders Workshop will be a hands-on experience on building an AR-15 from the ground up. This course, taught by our certified gunsmith and ATF compliance officer, will explain not only how to build the rifle but also enhance the students practical knowledge of the rifle and laws and regulations as an end user. environment.

Advanced Handgun Skills & Drills

Drills to help you accurately put rounds on target during a defensive incident. These drills are skill developing and build upon each other, beginning with core strength building to advancing your marksmanship. You will increase your aim, speed, and accuracy and receive concise direction on how you can improve.

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Private Instruction

Get the one-on-one attention you need! Reach out to us and set up a time for private instruction with our knowledge based, industry leading Instructors! Whether you are just getting started or would like to fine tune your skills, we are sure that we can expand your knowledge of firearms and marksmanship. Our instructors can provide basic instruction in the safe handling and use of firearms to entry level marksmanship skills needed to progress to our more advance instruction. Intermediate to advance handgun and rifle techniques for protection along with rifle sighting for the big hunt coming up to long distance sport shooting.

Our Instructors
private instruction

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